Mined Diamonds

Where is the diamond search engine? Well...honestly you all are in time out for diamond searches. (Kidding, but kind of not!) With the exception of a few engineers there have been some questionable choices coming out of the diamond world. We had to say "no, thank you" and step in to find better options for our clients money.

The diamond girls have high standards as brokers. We won't sell anything we aren't proud to represent. In additon to that, online diamond search engines are limited for brokers. Many diamond wholesalers don't allow their diamonds to be listed online. Behind the scenes we have access to quadruple the inventory.

So what does this mean for you? Contact us and let us do what we do best, find you the best diamond at the best price!

  • Diamond PHD

    Are a diamond expert? Do you know more about diamonds then many jewelers selling diamonds? Do you know exactly what you want and just need someone to nerd out with you and get your diamond for you at the best price?

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  • High School Diploma

    You know just enough about diamonds to get you in trouble. You would love some guidance and some additional knowledge, or at least someone to tell you if you're on the right track.

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  • Kindergarten

    Lets be honest, this stuff is confusing. You may want to learn a few things as long as its not advanced physics. You need someone to do what they do best behind the scenes so you can look like a hero on the front lines.

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  • Pros

    *Natural diamonds are formed by the earth's heat and pressure between 1-3 billions years ago. Its truly a scientific miracle.

    *We never sell diamonds as an investment, however they do slowly increase in value over time. It might take a long time to get your money back out of your diamond in a resell scenario, but they have not depreciated like lab grown.

    *Together, the world’s leading diamond producers create $16 billion net positive socioeconomic and environmental benefits annually in countries where they operate, 80% of which stays within local communities. (S&P Global, 2016-17)

    *Due to policies put in place, the mining industry has been making strides in conservation. For every acre they dig up, they must protect three acres of land through conservation projects.

  • Cons

    *Although "blood diamonds" and "conflict diamonds" have mostly been eradiacted through regulations and the Kimberly process, some people still have concerns. The Diamond Girls only work with ethical/regulated mines but not all diamond dealers are as discerning and some diamonds can slip through the cracks.

    *Historically, mining has had a negative impact on the earth. This is no different then any other large industry, and certainly no different then the lab grown diamond industry. However, early studies are showing lab diamonds have less impact environmentaly.

    *Natural diamonds have a much larger up front cost to lab grown diamonds. Most people that need to resell their natural diamonds still suffer a significant loss. Even though mined diamonds have slowly appreciated while lab grown diamonds have depreciated, the major price savings in lab grown have resulted in less of an overall loss at resell.