Lab Grown Diamonds

Where is the diamond search engine? Well...honestly you all are in time out for diamond searches. (kidding...but not really). With the exception of a few engineers there have been some questionable choices coming out of the diamond world. We had to say "no, thank you" and step in to find better options for our clients money. Lab diamonds can be tricky, there are many differnet color tints and post growth treatment that can turn the buying process into a mess if you don't deal with them daily like we do.

The diamond girls have high standards as brokers. We won't sell anything we aren't proud to represent. In additon to that, online diamond search engines are limited for brokers. Many diamond wholesalers don't allow their diamonds to be listed online. Behind the scenes we have access to quadruple the inventory.

So what does this mean for you? Contact us and let us do what we do best, find you the best diamond at the best price!

  • Diamond PHD

    Are a diamond expert? Do you know more about diamonds then many jewelers selling diamonds? Do you know exactly what you want and just need someone to nerd out with you and get your diamond for you at the best price?

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  • High School Diploma

    You know just enough about diamonds to get you in trouble. You would love some guidance and some additional knowledge, or at least someone to tell you if you're on the right track.

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  • Kindergarten

    Lets be honest, this stuff is confusing. You may want to learn a few things as long as its not advanced physics. You need someone to do what they do best behind the scenes so you can look like a hero on the front lines.

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  • Pros

    *Lab grown diamonds will cost 60-80% less than a natural diamond of similar size, color and clarity

    *Lab grown diamonds are chemically, optically and physically identical to mined diamonds. Its the same as ice forming outside versus ice in your freezer.

    *Environment Friendly ( though they do require large amounts of pressure and heat the emissions compared to mining are decreased). Some lab producers are even working on a solar powered, zero footprint business model.

    *While "conflict diamonds" are mostly eradicated, some diamonds may slip through the cracks. Lab Grown diamonds don't have this risk.

    *Since these diamonds have the same exact atomic makeup as natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds have skyrocketed in popularity in the last five years. Even natural diamond miners like DeBeers have started producing lab grow diamonds.

  • Cons

    *They are produced in large quantities within a few weeks, so they do not have the rarity or history of a natural diamond.

    *Long-term value is still unknown as prices have dropped over time.

    *With the exception of some zero footprint labs, we are still studying the environmental footprints in terms of products used, emissions, by-products, etc.

    *Lab grown diamonds can exhibit tints of underlying color that can make some of the stones undesirable. Unfortunatly, these tints are not listed on grading reports. The Diamond Girls are very cautious of this when sourcing stones.

    *Some lab diamonds have post growth treatments to improve color. This can effect the value of the diamond but isn't fully discussed by many jewelers. We believe in full transparency in all aspects of the diamond industry.