A few times a year we are lucky enough to collaborate with great foundations and design a custom ring for the events theme.  This year we custom designed a ring for the Jayden Deluca Foundation (JDF) and Dress for Success. The goal of making both of these rings was to make it timeless so it could be passed down through generations and appeal to the masses. We are lucky enough they give us full reign on designing a beautiful ring. Both of the rings were valued at $6,300 and sold for $10,000. The best part is that we offer to recreate the trademarked piece for the rest of the year for anyone and half of the sale will go towards the foundation.

The Jayden Deluca Foundation is a non-profit organization based out of Eagle, Idaho. Their mission is to help children and families fight cardiac disease by offering support to all those affected by pediatric health conditions. So when they came to us to design a ring this year Natalie knew right away that she wanted to use a London Blue Topaz stone. It’s fabled to have healing properties of the heart and she’s had a design she had wanted to create and have it in rose gold because of the contrast between the blue of the stone and the pink in the metal. Natalie used a 4.25 carat London Blue Topaz stone with .37 carats of side diamond with a 14k rose gold hand-engraved band.

Dress for Success is a nonprofit organization that is in 142 cities and 22 countries, the Boise Valley was the 24th sister location to be opened. Its mission statement is to “empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.” When they came to Lisa to design a ring they told her that it was black and white themed and gave her full creative freedom. She really wanted to use a Salt and Pepper Diamond because even though they have visible flaws they make for a beautiful stone and are just as strong as a flawless diamond much like the women that the organization works with. Lisa really wanted to play up the black flaws so immediately wanted to add black enamel to it also and the design just came to her. This was one of her favorite rings she designed in 20+ years because it went to a good cause and it was unique. She really went outside her normal “box” and let the creativity fly.

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